“Salt of the Earth” Music Video

During the COVID lockdown, Texas singer and songwriter Sara Hickman brought together a wide range of Texas musicians and singers to create a physically distanced yet socially united video to raise awareness of those who continued to work during COVID — mail carriers, healthcare workers, grocery employees, and more.

Cowan Creative assembled the dozens of video and audio tracks to create a cohesive product.




The Hard Working People Project

The Hard Working People Project was produced by Sara Hickman to bring awareness to the fact so many of us are working tirelessly and courageously during this time of covid. From mail carriers, nurses, doctors, grocery store employees, mom & pop shop owners, garbage collectors, non-profits, protestors, teachers, neighbors… you. Sara & The Hard Working People Project wanted to say we see you, we hear you, we love you, we are you. We are all in this scary time together and music can bring us hope, healing and love.