UX avenger.

The user experience means everything. As an advocate for clear yet delightful interfaces, my focus is on the interactions that drive the message.

I thrive in a technical environment, with a creative yet analytical mind and tech savvy gained from years of work in the engineering and programming sectors. I work well with cross-functioning teams, and enjoy a good working relationship with and understanding of programmers and engineers.

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Motion maestro.

From presentations to ultra high definition video, I eagerly dive into the media challenges of the future and quickly learn to leverage them for the message. In the age of social media, creating a compelling new way to present the brand is a must.

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Print perfectionist.

We are undeniably living in a digital world. Content is accessed in so many ways, yet its accessibility still relies on the skills learned with print production. Readability. Comprehension. White space. Color.

As new technologies emerge, I rush to embrace them. From room-size presses to digital delivery, my decades of print design and production experience have given me a broad, solid base for the future.

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years of print design and production


years of web design and coding


years creating app experiences


creative guy

  • DC Engage logo

    DC Engage

    Branding, Logos, Print

  • DC Shorts 10th Anniversary Open Titles

    Art Direction, Branding, Motion

  • Lili Blessing

    Art Direction, Web

  • Putting Wellness to Work

    Branding, Presentations

  • NCSS Books

    Art Direction, Print

  • TEC Pathways for Providers

    Branding, Logos, Presentations

  • Marvin Hamlisch International Music Awards

    Branding, Motion

  • Live Out Loud logo

    Live Out Loud

    Branding, Logos

  • On-Site Flu Shot Training

    Branding, Motion

  • Allied Telesis Global Website

    Art Direction, Branding, Mobile, Web